Chakra7 Components

Chakra7 is a complete suite of web authoring tools for powerful data modeling and responsive interface design. Let's dive in and look at what's included in Chakra7:


Command & Control for Chakra7

ChakraCentral allows the admin to create new systems or manage existing systems. The admin can also add other admins accounts to allow other users to manage Chakra7 systems. Chakra7 also supports developing for multiple clients and starts with an “Internal Super Client” for the super admins to use. Clients are managed in ChakraCentral


Chakra7’s System Builder

Once a System is created in ChakraCentral, the developer will want to design the data model and the user interface(often an external HTTP API is also desired). The object type definitions and interface design happens in ChakraStudio


Chakra7’s User Interface Designer

Chakra7 interface design revolves around responsiveness. In today’s world of cell phone and tablet abundance, not having a mobile version of your system is crippling. Chakra7 offers innovative tools to help designers build fluid responsive interfaces that work on all screen sizes and dimensions.


Chakra7’s Data Browser

Object based storage is perfectly suited for Chakra7’s approach to data modeling. However, sometimes we want to have complete visibility to all of the objects in our system and their properties. Beyond this, we need to be able to add new objects, remove objects, and edit the values of object properties. Normally, data entry and manipulation is done through the interface or API but Chakra7 also bundles each system with Tidal which is a swiss army knife to browse objects and make necessary database changes

Chakra7 Scripting Libraries

Chakra7 allows developers to customize their systems to their heart's content.

While Chakra7 was designed to be easy to use and reduce the need for writing code, it would be idiotic to forgo the innovative talent present in today’s developers. For this reason, we have made every effort to make the innerworkings of Chakra7 transparent, intuitive, and ripe for extension/ customization. We provide libraries for JavaScript and PHP that open up Chakra7 systems to a new world of innovation.