Chakra7 Systems

Chakra7 Systems

What is a Chakra7 System?

A Chakra7 System is a self-contained database driven system complete with customizable user interface and optional external API. The developer designs the data model by defining the system’s object types and the core properties for each system. The designer creates a user interface using pages and popups which consist of data listings, forms, maps, calendars, and charts. The developer can also specify custom queries which may be accessible by the system’s external API for data entry and access by other systems and programming languages.

How do I get started creating Chakra7 Systems?

The starting point for Chakra7 is ChakraCentral. ChakraCentral allows you to manage your users and create new Chakra7 systems. You’ll use Chakra7’s Chakra7 Studio to edit your system's data model and user interface as well as to configure an external API for data entry and access from other applications.

What is the difference between development and production systems?

The intelligent programmer understands the value in having a development pipeline that they can depend on for testing and deploying their solution seamlessly to their users. Chakra7 offers a simple intuitive, development-to-production pipeline that is powerful and easy to use. Each Chakra7 System requires 2 web server directories, 2 PostgreSQL databases and 2 Redis instances. We’ll use these to create entirely separate development and production versions of our system. Chakra7 also offers a one-click “preview mode” which allows the designer to try new interface changes without altering the development version.

Where is a Chakra7 System stored?

A Chakra7 System is stored entirely in the database. There are two types of database tables that are used in tandem to store all of the system definitions and data. We’ll call the first type of database table Chakra7 internal tables. These PostgreSQL tables are prefixed by an underscore (_) and are used to store the data model and user interface design. The second type of table are System Tables which are where the actual data is stored. While there are usually only a few dozen Chakra 7 Internal rows per system, the System Tables could have millions depending on your storage needs and usage

How does publishing a new system version work?

Once the developer has obtained a new stable development Chakra7 system and is ready to upgrade all of their users, there is a simple process to publish the data model and user interface to the production version. Chakra7 sutomates the creating and modifying of any necessary database tables and updating of the data model and interface design.

Installing Chakra7 On Your Server

It's Simple: Download Chakra7, Place Files on Server

Step 1: Find Inner Peace

Fold your legs, close your eyes, and relax. Find your center. Know your user totally.
Imagine how much better the world will be once you are finished with your new system.
"Be the change that you wish to see in the world" -Mahatma Gandhi

Chakra 7

Step 2: Download Chakra7 Imagine

Chakra7 is completely free for individual developers working on free projects. Teams and enterprises can trial Chakra7 free and obtain a license to use Chakra7 in their commercial projects.
Not for violent use(including all military applications) or for controlling humanity(including all governmental and political applications).

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