Definition of Object: A Structured Piece of Data

Synonyms of Object: Document, Record, Case

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Objects (aka Documents) can range from the very simple to the very complex depending on the nature of the underlying data and how it needs to be accessed and cataloged. Objects have properties which are values associated with a simple alphanumeric string (no spaces) called the property name. Here is an example Person Object with three properties (fName, lName, age) and Bon’s value for each:

Bon Scott (Person Object)
Property Name Value
fName Bon
lName Scott
Age 27

Global Values

In addition to the above types, Chakra7 also offers an additional type called global values. These are system wide categorizations that can be used in various object definitions.

In many systems, data needs to be categorized into one (or more) of several distinct categories. For example, a Book object may have a Genre property which can be any value from the list of available Genres. Further, perhaps within the same system an Author object can have a Genres parameter with multiple Genre values.

For this special case where you have a fully exhausted enumeration of the various options, a new Global Value can be created and used in various ways by different aspects of the system.